Downloading Dynamics CRM attachments with JavaScript

I ran into a requirement this week where I needed to give Dynamics CRM users an easy way to download PDF attachments from a set of links in an iframe. I thought it would be easy enough to just grab the corresponding annotation id and pass it to the CRM »

Automatically executing HTTP POST requests in Dynamics CRM iframes

The Dynamics CRM SDK allows you to set the source URL for an iframe control on a form, and that is fine if all you need to do is load web pages that are accessible via HTTP GET requests. If you need to automatically display the results of an HTTP »

Get next case functionality for CRM Unified Service Desk

Last week I shared an approach for implementing next case functionality for Dynamics CRM so that users can get the "next" case to work from a queue just by clicking a button. In today's post I will show an easy way to add the same functionality to Unified Service Desk »

Get next case functionality for Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM offers sophisticated tools for working with cases and service queues, but sometimes users just want a quick and simple way to get the next case to work. In today's post, I'll share an easy way to implement this functionality in your Dynamics CRM organization. There are three components »

Authenticating from a Node.js client to Dynamics CRM via AD FS and OAuth2

Last week I decided to finally take a look at using OAuth2 as an authentication protocol with Dynamics CRM. I wanted to understand how it could enable non-Windows clients to consume CRM data. As it turns out, I was unable to find any documentation or comprehensive code samples for non-Windows »

A Better Dynamics CRM E-mail Editor With TinyMCE (updated for IE8 and 9)

When I developed the JavaScript for my A Better Dynamics CRM E-mail Editor With TinyMCE¬†post back in June, I tested it in both Chrome and IE10. Since then I have gotten a few reports of it not working in IE8 or IE9. Initially, I thought there might be a »

A Better Dynamics CRM E-mail Editor With Markdown

Last month I wrote a post called A Better Dynamics CRM E-mail Editor With TinyMCE in which I showed how to create a better Dynamics CRM e-mail editing interface using TinyMCE. Since then I have done some work with Markdown, and I decided it would be an interesting exercise to »

Easy HTML Formatting for Comments in Orchard Using Markdown

I recently moved this site from BlogEngine.NET to Orchard, and I decided I wanted to offer some basic HTML formatting (bold, italic, hyperlinks, etc.) functionality for comments, but I didn't want to do any significant amount of coding. After some research I realized that Markdown syntax would be the »