Updated version of Dynamics 365/CRM Deployment Wizard

I've released an updated version of my Dynamics CRM Deployment Wizard that supports Dynamics 365. The Deployment Wizard is designed to automate your solution deployments much like the SDK's Dynamics CRM Package Deployer, but while the SDK tool requires you to build a deployment package using Visual Studio, my Deployment Wizard tool only requires you to create a simple JSON manifest file. The manifest lists:

  1. The solutions you want to deploy
  2. Any Configuration Data Mover jobs you
  3. Any system commands you want to execute as part of your overall deployment process.

Here's a link to the original blog post that discusses the Deployment Wizard in greater detail. The one thing to keep in mind is that this updated version uses XRM tooling connection strings as opposed to the the simplified CRM connection strings used in the previous version. Other than that, everything else is basically the same.

Getting the Dynamics CRM Deployment Wizard

The source code is available in my GitHub repository here.

A compiled version can be downloaded here.

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