An Azure AD OAuth 2 helper microservice

One of the biggest trends in systems architecture these days is the use of "serverless" functions like Azure Functions, Amazon Lambda and OpenFaas. Because these functions are stateless, if you want to use a purely serverless approach to work with resources secured using Azure Active Directory like Dynamics »

Setting values in a Dynamics 365 CE quick create form from the main form

Earlier this week I was asked to populate a field in a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement quick create form with a value from a field on the main form. Unfortunately, the main form would not be saved at the time the quick create form was opened, so the value couldn't »

Updated solution for scheduling recurring Dynamics 365 workflows

I've released an updated version of my recurring workflow scheduler for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This solution targets Dynamics 365 version 9, so it should work in all current Dynamics 365 online organizations. You can download version 1.3 of my solution from here: »

Disable and enable Dynamics 365 CE users with SSIS & KingswaySoft

Recently I was asked to set up a process to automatically disable or re-enable Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement users depending on some external data. This ended up being ridiculously easy to do with SSIS and KingswaySoft's Dynamics 365 Integration Toolkit. Let me show you how it works. In Dynamics 365 »

Building a simple service relay for Dynamics 365 CE with RabbitMQ and Python - part 4

This is the final post in my series about building a service relay for Dynamics 365 CE with RabbitMQ and Python. In my previous post in this series, I showed the Python code to make the service relay work. In today's post, I will show how you can use Azure »