Updated solution for scheduling recurring Dynamics 365 workflows

I've released an updated version of my recurring workflow scheduler for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This solution targets Dynamics 365 version 9, so it should work in all current Dynamics 365 online organizations. You can download version 1.3 of my solution from here: https://github.com/lucasalexander/AlexanderDevelopment.ProcessRunner/ »

Updated solution for scheduling recurring Dynamics CRM workflows

About three years ago I released an open source Dynamics CRM solution for scheduling and executing recurring workflows. My solution would execute a FetchXML query to return a set of records and then start a workflow for each of those records without requiring any external processes or tools. This is »

Working with key-value pair data inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows – part 2

In my last post I discussed how key-value pair data can be used to store configuration-related items in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and I also showed a design for an entity to store key-value pair data. In today's post I will show how to retrieve and consume the data inside a »

Working with key-value pair data inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows

Dynamics CRM workflows are a great way to enable business processes, and with the real-time capabilities introduced in CRM 2013 they can replace plug-ins in many scenarios. One significant drawback that workflows do have, though, is they lack the ability to easily retrieve and work with data from inside Dynamics »

A Data Snapshot Framework for Dynamics CRM

Although Dynamics CRM offers several different ways to report on data stored in the system, there is no out-of-the-box mechanism for reporting on how data changes over time. That is to say, while you can easily report on how many active accounts are owned by a particular sales rep today, »