Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover v2.2

I've released an updated version of my popular Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover utility that includes the following features:

  • Path to source and target JSON data files can now be absolute or relative to current working directory. This is particularly useful for running the CLI tool in an automated fashion.
  • Location of job configuration file can be passed to CLI tool as absolution or relative path.
  • Import tool can now read configuration data directly as a JSON string instead of having to read it from a file. The syntax for supplying the the data to the CLI tool (or importer library DLL) is RAWJSON={YOUR_EXPORT_JSON_HERE}

This upgrade is fully compatible with existing job files.

Getting the Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover

The source code is available in my GitHub repository here.

A compiled version can be downloaded here.

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