Working with Dynamics CRM users assigned roles using JavaScript

Today turned out to be one of those days where I got multiple requests for quick Dynamics CRM 2015 JavaScript help on a few projects. A colleague asked me for help showing a field on a form if a user is assigned a role and keeping it hidden otherwise. Instead »

Checking Dynamics CRM user team membership with organization data service

With the all the recent news about Dynamics 365, this post probably seems a tad outdated, but today I had a colleague ask me for a way to check whether a user is a member of a team in a Dynamics CRM 2015 organization using JavaScript. Without further commentary, here »

Custom call handling logic with the Dynamics CRM USD generic listener

I was recently working on a Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk project where I needed to populate a custom search form with call details instead of doing a direct search for a matching record in CRM. I didn't want to write my own CTI adapter, so I investigated using the »

Easy dependent picklists for Dynamics CRM

I've created a new solution for creating dependent picklists on Dynamics CRM forms that requires no coding to implement. You can download it from my Crm-Sample-Code GitHub repository here: Assume you have three picklists with related options like in the »

Downloading Dynamics CRM attachments with JavaScript

I ran into a requirement this week where I needed to give Dynamics CRM users an easy way to download PDF attachments from a set of links in an iframe. I thought it would be easy enough to just grab the corresponding annotation id and pass it to the CRM »