Checking Dynamics CRM user team membership with organization data service

With the all the recent news about Dynamics 365, this post probably seems a tad outdated, but today I had a colleague ask me for a way to check whether a user is a member of a team in a Dynamics CRM 2015 organization using JavaScript. Without further commentary, here »

Custom call handling logic with the Dynamics CRM USD generic listener

I was recently working on a Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk project where I needed to populate a custom search form with call details instead of doing a direct search for a matching record in CRM. I didn't want to write my own CTI adapter, so I investigated using the »

Easy dependent picklists for Dynamics CRM

I've created a new solution for creating dependent picklists on Dynamics CRM forms that requires no coding to implement. You can download it from my Crm-Sample-Code GitHub repository here: Assume you have three picklists with related options like in the »

Downloading Dynamics CRM attachments with JavaScript

I ran into a requirement this week where I needed to give Dynamics CRM users an easy way to download PDF attachments from a set of links in an iframe. I thought it would be easy enough to just grab the corresponding annotation id and pass it to the CRM »

Updated solution for scheduling recurring Dynamics CRM workflows

About three years ago I released an open source Dynamics CRM solution for scheduling and executing recurring workflows. My solution would execute a FetchXML query to return a set of records and then start a workflow for each of those records without requiring any external processes or tools. This is »

Automatically executing HTTP POST requests in Dynamics CRM iframes

The Dynamics CRM SDK allows you to set the source URL for an iframe control on a form, and that is fine if all you need to do is load web pages that are accessible via HTTP GET requests. If you need to automatically display the results of an HTTP »

Dynamics CRM Configuration Data Mover v1.11

I've released an updated version of my Dynamics CRM Configuration Data Mover tool that includes the following enhancements: Validation for FetchXML queries against the Dynamics CRM 2016 FetchXML XSD when jobs are saved through the GUI client and at the start of a job before any data is processed Better »

Azure Text Analytics sentiment analysis with North52

For the last several months I've been working on an enterprise Dynamics CRM project where one of our goals is to minimize the amount of custom code we write by using North52's Business Process Activities. I had not been exposed to North52 before working on this project, but I have »