Running Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover jobs in Azure Functions

My Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover utility allows you to run synchronization jobs from an interactive GUI tool or the command line, but the actual data synchronization logic is contained in a separate AlexanderDevelopment.ConfigDataMover.Lib.dll file that can be included in other applications. In today's post I will »

A Dynamics 365 local message listener for web client notifications - part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed an approach for passing notifications from local applications to the Dynamics 365 web client through a message listener process that runs on an end user's PC. Today I will show the code I used to build the message listener and the code »

A Dynamics 365 local message listener for web client notifications - part 1

One problem that comes up from time to time on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement projects is how to receive notifications from an application running on a user's local PC. Although the Unified Service Desk (USD) interface supports a variety of ways for Dynamics 365 to interact with local applications, the »

Updated Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover to support new online regions

About two weeks ago a commenter mentioned that my Configuration Data Mover wasn't working with UK Dynamics 365 online organizations that had been created since the change to the URL structure. I've released a new version with an updated SDK reference that has resolved the issue. »

Automatically executing HTTP POST requests in Dynamics 365 iframes - part 2

Several months ago, I wrote a post that showed how to automatically display the results of an HTTP POST request inside a Dynamics 365 iframe. I was working on a project last week where I was tried to use that approach, but I ran into some problems, so today I »

Another approach to complex Dynamics 365 text interfaces using KingswaySoft and XSLT

Last week I posted an approach for generating complex text files from Dynamics 365 with KingswaySoft and XSLT that uses a custom script component to apply an XSL transformation to an XML document generated with the the SSIS XML merge component from the KingswaySoft SSIS productivity pack. After I shared »

Generating complex text files from Dynamics 365 with KingswaySoft and XSLT

Recently I needed to build an SSIS package that would generate a delimited text file with multiple sets of related (but different entity) Dynamics 365 records combined in a single grouping. Each record would be on a separate row (with different formats for each record type), and each grouping of »

Real-time Dynamics 365 data integrations with SSIS + KingswaySoft

I'm a big fan of KingswaySoft's Dynamics 365 SSIS integration toolkit for moving data between Dynamics 365 and other systems. Because the integrations are run in SSIS packages, there's a lot of power and flexibility, and you can use SQL Server Agent to orchestrate your integration jobs. This is great »