Running Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover jobs in Azure Functions

My Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover utility allows you to run synchronization jobs from an interactive GUI tool or the command line, but the actual data synchronization logic is contained in a separate AlexanderDevelopment.ConfigDataMover.Lib.dll file that can be included in other applications. In today's post I will »

Executing Dynamics 365 workflows from Microsoft Flow

The only Dynamics 365 actions that Microsoft Flow offers right now are "create a new record" and "list records," but with just a bit of additional effort it's possible to access all the capabilities of the Web API. Today I will show how to create a Microsoft Flow that queries »

Scheduling Dynamics 365 workflows with Azure Functions and C#

Over the past few days, I've shared two approaches for scheduling Dynamics 365 workflows using Azure Functions and the Dynamics 365 Web API. One uses Node.js, and the other uses Python. Because most Dynamics CRM developers are probably more familiar with C# than Node.js or Python, I also »

Scheduling Dynamics 365 workflows with Azure Functions and Python

Last week I shared a solution for Scheduling Dynamics 365 workflows with Azure Functions and Node.js. In this post, I will show how to achieve equivalent functionality using Python. The actual Python code is simpler than my Node.js example, but the Azure Functions configuration is much more complicated. »

Scheduling Dynamics 365 workflows with Azure Functions and Node.js

Earlier this week I showed an easy way to integrate a Node.js application with Dynamics 365 using the Web API. Building on that example, I have created a scheduled workflow runner using Node.js and Azure Functions. Here's how I did it. First, I created a workflow in Dynamics »

Azure Text Analytics sentiment analysis with North52

For the last several months I've been working on an enterprise Dynamics CRM project where one of our goals is to minimize the amount of custom code we write by using North52's Business Process Activities. I had not been exposed to North52 before working on this project, but I have »

Webcast: Sentiment Analysis in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Azure Text Analytics

On Monday, April 11, at 12 p.m. EDT, I will be presenting a webcast at that will show how a custom integration with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning can be used to perform sentiment analysis on any data stored in Dynamics CRM. Custom sentiment analysis integrations can enable »

Predictions in Dynamics CRM with custom Azure Machine Learning integrations

Earlier this year I wrote a post that showed how to perform sentiment analysis in Dynamics CRM using Microsoft Azure Text Analytics. Azure Text Analytics makes it incredibly easy to use sentiment analysis (with English text only), but the full Azure Machine Learning offering is much more powerful. In today's »