Automatically executing HTTP POST requests in Dynamics CRM iframes

The Dynamics CRM SDK allows you to set the source URL for an iframe control on a form, and that is fine if all you need to do is load web pages that are accessible via HTTP GET requests. If you need to automatically display the results of an HTTP »

Easy HTML Formatting for Comments in Orchard Using Markdown

I recently moved this site from BlogEngine.NET to Orchard, and I decided I wanted to offer some basic HTML formatting (bold, italic, hyperlinks, etc.) functionality for comments, but I didn't want to do any significant amount of coding. After some research I realized that Markdown syntax would be the »

Creating a dynamic dialog launcher menu for Dynamics CRM (FetchXML style)

Last month I wrote a post¬†about how to¬†create a web resource dialog "launcher" that you can embed in a CRM form (both classic and updated modes) with JavaScript and an OData query. In today's post, I will show how to do the same thing using a FetchXML query. »

Creating a dynamic dialog launcher menu for Dynamics CRM

I love Dynamics CRM dialogs. In fact, I think they are one of the best features of CRM 2011. What I don't like about dialogs is how the user has to run them when working with a entity record. On a "classic" mode form, the user has to go to »

Displaying FetchXML results with XSLT on the client side in a Dynamics CRM 2011 web resource

A few weeks back, I wrote a post that showed how to retrieve and display FetchXML using jQuery in a Dynamics CRM web resource. In that example, I used jQuery's each() method to iterate through each result and append them to an HTML element on the page. Using each() is »

Better line charts in Dynamics CRM 2011 - part II

In part I of this series, I showed how to query Microsoft Dynamics CRM for aggregate data using FetchXML and then pass the results to Flot to generate a line chart. In this second part, I will expand on that to show how to query for and chart multi-series data. »

Better line charts in Dynamics CRM 2011 - part I

Earlier this week I posted an entry about using FetchXML and JQuery in a Dynamics CRM 2011 web resource. The reason I first started looking at those two together was that I wanted to see if I could generate better looking line charts than are available out of the box »

FetchXML + jQuery in a Dynamics CRM 2011 web resource

Over the weekend I started looking at a hobby project that involved querying and working with aggregate data from Dynamics CRM 2011 inside a hosted web resource using jQuery. Initially had I planned to use the OData/REST endpoint since that is much sexier than SOAP lately, but after a »