Accessing an on-premises Dynamics 365 organization from Python

I've previously showed how to access online and IFD instances of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement from Python code. Because that sample code authenticated to the Web API using OAuth, it won't work with on-premises instances. Recently I've been doing some work with Python and an on-premises Dynamics 365 organization, so »

Using proxy connections with the Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover

I was recently asked to add a feature to my Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover to enable connections through a proxy server. Because the tool is a .Net application, proxy server connections can be configured directly in the AlexanderDevelopmentConfigDataMover.exe.config file. For example, if you want to use the »

A Dynamics 365 local message listener for web client notifications - part 3

Several months ago I discussed an approach for passing notifications from local applications to the Dynamics 365 web client through a message listener process that runs on an end user's PC and shared some sample code for how to implement it. Recently I used this approach to establish communication between »

Creating many-to-many associations with the Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover

I've released an updated version of my popular Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover utility that includes the ability to create many-to-many associations in the target system. This upgrade is fully compatible with existing job files. To create a many-to-many job step in the GUI, select the new "many to »

Running Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover jobs in VSTS builds

In today's post I will show how to use my Dynamics 365 Configuration Data Mover utility for synchronizing configuration data between CRM orgs as part of a Visual Studio Team Services build. Download the latest version of the Configuration Data Mover utility's CLI tool from my repository on GitHub here: »