Unit testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM code

If you're developing code that runs against Dynamics CRM, you know you should be testing it, right? As a developer first and foremost, I always believed that tests and documentation got in the way of the important - and more fun - stuff, but as I transitioned into a management »

Dynamically setting field requirement levels in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In Dynamics CRM you may have a field you want to be required some of the time, but not required, or maybe not even enabled, the rest of the time. In this post I'll show you how to dynamically enable/disable and set/unset the required attribute of CRM form »

Activity coding in Dynamics CRM

At a previous job, we had used GoldMine (version 6.7 was where we parted ways) as our CRM system before moving to Dynamics CRM. At the time - maybe it's still done this way - GoldMine allowed you to code activities with a hierarchy of references, codes and results. »