Using RabbitMQ as a message broker in Dynamics CRM data interfaces – part 1

One of the things I love about Dynamics CRM is how easy it is to create data interfaces to enable integration with other systems. If you’ve worked with Dynamics CRM for any length of time, you’ve probably seen multiple web service integrations that enable interoperability with other line-of-business »

Posting/processing JSON in a Dynamics CRM 2011 custom workflow activity

With the proliferation of RESTful APIs, JSON is frequently used as a message format for interoperability. My MSDN "Posting/processing JSON in a CRM 2011 custom workflow activity" code sample shows how to POST JSON messages to a REST endpoint and process the response in a Dynamics CRM »

Sending SMS messages and making robocalls from Dynamics CRM

In this post I will show how to send SMS messages and make automated phone calls from Dynamics CRM using Tropo, a cloud voice and SMS messaging API. Tropo is not the only player in this space, but I think it has the best set of features, and it's completely »