Predictions in Dynamics CRM with custom Azure Machine Learning integrations

Earlier this year I wrote a post that showed how to perform sentiment analysis in Dynamics CRM using Microsoft Azure Text Analytics. Azure Text Analytics makes it incredibly easy to use sentiment analysis (with English text only), but the full Azure Machine Learning offering is much more powerful. In today's »

SSIS package for moving access team templates with KingswaySoft

Last year Ben Hosking said there was no way to move access teams between Dynamics CRM organizations, so I created a tool to do that. Last month Tanguy Touzard said I should turn my console application into an XrmToolBox plugin, so I did. Soon after that Daniel Cai said I »

XrmToolBox plugin for moving access team templates

Late last year I created a console application for moving access team templates between Dynamics CRM organizations, and I described it in this blog post. Following up on that, I've created an XrmToolBox plugin to make it even easier to move access team templates (with GUIDs) between CRM organizations. I've »

Sentiment analysis in Dynamics CRM using Azure Text Analytics

Last year I created a proof-of-concept solution that showed how to integrate Dynamics CRM with HP Haven OnDemand (then called HP IDOL OnDemand) to perform sentiment analysis and index records to support "find similar" queries. While I was working through the AzureCon challenge a few weeks ago, I thought it »

Get next case functionality for CRM Unified Service Desk

Last week I shared an approach for implementing next case functionality for Dynamics CRM so that users can get the "next" case to work from a queue just by clicking a button. In today's post I will show an easy way to add the same functionality to Unified Service Desk »

Get next case functionality for Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM offers sophisticated tools for working with cases and service queues, but sometimes users just want a quick and simple way to get the next case to work. In today's post, I'll share an easy way to implement this functionality in your Dynamics CRM organization. There are three components »

Using RabbitMQ as a message broker in Dynamics CRM data interfaces – part 5

This the final post in my five-part series on creating loosely coupled data interfaces for Dynamics CRM using RabbitMQ. In part 3 and part 4 I showed two approaches for building a Dynamics CRM plug-in that publishes notification messages to a RabbitMQ exchange. In today’s post I will show »

Authenticating from a Node.js client to Dynamics CRM via AD FS and OAuth2

Last week I decided to finally take a look at using OAuth2 as an authentication protocol with Dynamics CRM. I wanted to understand how it could enable non-Windows clients to consume CRM data. As it turns out, I was unable to find any documentation or comprehensive code samples for non-Windows »